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Best of…2010-18

Best of…2010-18

Some of my all-time favourite wedding moments

November 2018

So the eight year mark of this wonderful adventure has now passed, and I feel that things have really started to come together. The past year has been particularly kind, with recognition in the wedding world when I was awarded London and South East Wedding Photographer of the Year by The Wedding Industry Awards (also receiving runner-up spot for the whole of the UK), and recognition in the street photography community with images exhibited at prestigious street photography festivals in San Francisco, Brussels and London.

As awesome as the above accolades are, it's really the opportunity I'm given by couples to capture the moments you'll see below which I'm most proud of. To be able to do this for a living is just incredible, and I hope I'll be asked along to couples' wedding days for many years to come.

Going through all my favourites of the last few years really brought home how many amazing moments of humanity I've been witness to. I hope you enjoy looking through it as much as I had putting it together.

‘‘Oh my word… Your photos quite literally took my breathe away and brought tears to my eyes. They are beautiful, you have captured the enormity, emotional, intensely spiritual and the sheer and utter joy of the day in the most miraculous way possible.’’
Judith, Gibson Hall Wedding
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My dear Kristian,
This morning Regina and I, we both old friends since school days, had a jolly great time chatting in a coffee house in Baden (Austria).....
Somehow Regina and I came to talk about England, how much we love this country, how familiar it seems to us… and then she mentioned her cousin’s son’s name, a most talented, gorgeous photographer and that I have to visit his website…
“Promise?!” “Promise!!”
And what have I found :)

Christa Wollner 2 March 2016

These photographs truly hold moments of hilarity, great joy, beautifulness and authenticness that make my insides ‘feel’ something of the energy and life that is being shared just from a mere scroll through. Incredibly captured.

Rachel Shannon 16 September 2016
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