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Ellie + Phil

Hotel Endsleigh Wedding

Kristian we are truly blown away by your photos. We never dreamed it would be possible to capture the day with such sensitivity, tenderness, poetry and precision. They are thoroughly magical. For once I am actually lost for words, but once I have recovered from the sublime experience offered by your beautifully crafted slideshow, I will turn my attentions to bigging you up on every online platform available! A thousand thank yous - we feel very lucky to have shared the day with you.

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Laura + Clive

DIY Village Fete Wedding

Everyone who has seen the photos so far have commented on how incredibly talented you are and have congratulated us on finding such an amazing photographer. Having seen your work before we booked you we had total faith but you far surpassed anything we hoped for. We so miss the day but your photos are an incredible reminder of it. The greatest gift we could ever receive.

Thanks so much again Kristian.

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Kavita + James

Belvoir Castle Wedding

Where do we begin!? Kristian you are INCREDIBLE! Every single one of these photos captured every single moment of the day. We have looked at the photos over and over again, and it gets us EVERY time! We couldn’t possibly pick a favourite. From start (7am!) to finish you’ve helped create the most perfect memories! We can’t thank you enough! We have been contacted by so many family and friends for your details, and haven’t stopped singing your praises about your hard work and passion. Keep up the incredible work! Xx

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Gemma + Mike

Warehouse Wedding

Kristian…... Not quite sure how we can thank you enough…. Where to start!

So sorry for the delay in even replying to the below- but suffice to say we have watched the highlights show several times (with tears) and have already been through the photos a few times as well!

These are simply so beautiful, so fun and tell such a story of our day, that they will last a lifetime. Literally, Mike and I have no idea where to start narrowing down to the ones we want printed, but we will aim to work on that!

We will absolutely write a testimonial for you- although I’m still not sure that would do you justice. I only hope you continue to win award after award for recognition of how truly talented you are, and for the incredible emotions you manage to capture in every image.

It was such a pleasure to have you as part of our wedding ‘party’. We’re so glad you enjoyed the day too! Please, please do keep in touch- if you’re down in London with a free evening- give us a shout and I think there’ll be drinks all round.

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Holly + Corey

Claridges Wedding

I spent the yesterday waiting eagerly for these and when they arrived I had to pause Eastenders and settle down with Corey and a glass of wine to look at them and we were still viewing them come midnight.

We both felt so emotional; you managed to transport us straight back to the day with the power of your imagery. We never imagined our photos would be anything like that. They make us laugh, cry & smile and we love EVERY single one of them.  We cannot thank you enough, we wanted timeless photos to last us a lifetime and that is exactly what you provided. You listened to us and made us feel so relaxed on the day, we both agreed that we didn’t even know you’d taken the majority of these pictures and we love how natural they all are, and the emotion and personality each photograph conveys.

We would recommend you a hundred times over and if we are ever in need of photography again we know who to call.

Ashleigh + Tom

Argentina Wedding

Kristian, the photos you have taken of our wedding day are absolutely mind blowing and they are so stunningly beautiful, I just cant thank you enough for the way you managed to capture the day. The photos of my mum and I, and my bridesmaids, getting ready on the morning of the wedding are just stunning, as are the photos of the wedding itself. You managed to capture so many of the best moments of the day perfectly on film. I just cant describe how precious some of the photos you have taken are to me and my husband. We will treasure them always and count ourselves so lucky to have had such a talented photographer take the picture of our special day. Thank you so much!

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Katie + Craig

Iscoyd Park Wedding

Kristian, you’ve made my day. I spent (no word of a lie) a good hour and a half this afternoon ignoring work and watching the slideshow and we’re about to watch it again for the third time again together. And Craig only walked in the door half an hour ago! Even the music is perfect.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. They are every bit as beautiful as we could have ever hoped (and more), original and full of emotion, and I have laughed and shed a tear every time I watched them. We cannot WAIT to see the rest!

The reaction from everyone so far has been “wow”, and I’m so excited to show them to everyone!

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Annabel + Ian

Turner Contemporary

AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!! We’ve been through all these beautiful shots this morning THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SO SO SO much – seriously you’re flooded with talent, we were so lucky you could capture our day- I’ll send you something over the weekend AND seriously THANK YOU AGAIN.

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Judith + Tal

Jewish Wedding

Oh my word… Your photos quite literally took my breathe away and brought tears to my eyes. They are beautiful, you have captured the enormity, emotional, intensely spiritual and the sheer and utter joy of the day in the most miraculous way possible.

I must have looked through them about 20 times already, you have a truly exceptional gift not only in the output of the photo’s but you were a pleasure to have share this with us on the day.

May you only go from strength to strength.

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Liz+ Mike

Hedingham Castle

Thank you Kristian. These are so beautiful and tell the story of our day even more perfectly than I remember it. I think we could have got married in a garden shed wearing our pyjamas and you would have made it look amazing. I have been suffering a bit from the post-wedding blues, I miss the excitement of it so much but these photos let me relive it all.

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Claire + John

Oxo Tower Wedding

Wow, the photos are beautiful. Thank you so much for sending these over sooner than we thought. It was a lovely surprise to have them to look through at the weekend and we’re looking forward to receiving the box set.

Not only have you captured the story and spirit of the day perfectly but they are all beautiful images.  We love the lighting and framing etc.  We’re so pleased and couldn’t have asked for more and can’t thank you enough.

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Sophie + Greg

Barn Wedding

Thank you sooooo much. Absolutely loving the pictures – we are so, so pleased with them!! You have been amazing and feel so lucky to have had you as our photographer. So many people have praised the photos!

Really hope to connect again in the future. We’ll be spreading the Kristian love to all of our family and friends!

Thanks so much.

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Rhiannon + Theo

London Wedding

I just wanted to say how pleased Theo and I are with the photos. We’ve looked through them and they are truly amazing. They reflect the story of the day so well and really capture the emotion. You were a joy to work with on the day and you handled yourself well amongst with some of our more ‘pushy’ guests! Everything came together in the end and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

We would absolutely recommend you to any other couple looking for a wedding photographer without a second thought.

Keep up the fantastic work!

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Nadia + Mark

Claridges Wedding

We are sitting in St Lucia and you have made us both cry. Wow, thank you so much, these look amazing.

Every shot was a winner and we still haven’t seen half of them. I think I’m looking forward to the big tree! We have so many favourites, current winner is the one peeping round the doors!

Excellent stuff.

Wiz + Jeremy

Garden Wedding

After having now watched the clip of shots you out together at least 50 times, I thought we should email you back to say thank you!! They are so amazing and the clip and the music is perfect. We’ve sent it to a few people who have all started getting teary when watching it. Result!!! The shots capture the day so well and the atmosphere and fun is like being there all over again. Not that you probably need it but if you ever want a testimonial, let me know as we’d be more than happy to write something for you.

Liz + Kieran

Stoke Place Wedding

Kristian, I love them they are amazing and absolutely what I had hoped for. Whats your favourite!? The picture of the kids across the grass is just brilliant! They all are. Thank you so much! Also I love the music who is the singer?

Hope your well and not too busy! Thanks Kristian, and thank you for recommending Zenith. Between the photos and videos I know I’ll love looking through them over and over always. (I didn’t cringe at any of the photos, or video! and I hate photos of myself!)

Thank you so much x

Tamsin + Andy

Bury Court Barn

Oh my gosh, there are no words to describe this!!!!!!!!! Amazing does not even start! Thank you so so much, its reminded me of little things I totally forgot happened! This has made my first day back at work so much better! I want to do the day all over again!

Chloe + Alasdair

Tithe Barn Wedding

I know Alasdair has already dropped you a note to say how delighted we are with the photographs from our big day but I wanted to send a note too. We have had so many amazing comments from friends and family whom we have shared the link with. You have captured the feeling of the day perfectly and lovely moments that evoke such emotion. Many have admitted to crying when they watched them - me included! I really couldn’t pick a favourite but high on the list is the photo of my two nieces skipping along on the dance floor – and of course love the photos of Ali and I, it going to be tough picking photos to go up in our flat!

Al + Pete

Country Wedding

I think I’ve already looked at the photos at least 5 times so far today, after suggesting to Pete I wait until I get home tomorrow (as I’m in London tonight with my folks and sister) and ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM!! You really are a total legend and the nicest, most unobtrusive photographer ever. The photographs are totally spot on and are so natural – I’ll always laugh at the one of Dad in his y-fronts, me wetting myself and Luce’s expression of disbelief! Thanks again Kristian.

Mona + Richard

Barn Wedding

Thank you so much for sending through the wedding photo highlights! Mona & I are absolutely chuffed with them! We were both crying into our tea when we sat down at the weekend and looked at them – the photos really capture the magic of the day and bring so much of the emotion back! We love them!

Victoria + Andy

Selsdon Park Hotel


Kristian they are incredible… Everything we wanted and more!

We will sit down together tonight and have a really good look, you’ve made my day. I have far too many favourites already!!

Esther + Mark

Horsley Towers Wedding

Having looked through all the photos of the wedding we are just blown away by them all. People have been commenting on how amazing the photos are and we just re-live the day when we do see them.

Also Esther has absolutely fallen in love with the edited version of 480, the one in black and white. Thanks again Kristian for all your photos and help on the day.

Married life is amazing, so happy.

Meropi + Colin

Hertfordshire Wedding

Just looked through them all properly on my computer and they are absolutely amazing! I am gobsmacked! I can’t begin to express how happy we are with them….thank you so much! I can’t wait to start decorating the house with them!! You were amazing, I don’t even remember seeing you there in some of the moments you have captured!

Thank you again….I can’t stop smiling!

Lots of love,

The Hares! X