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Fabrica Wedding

Fabrica Wedding

Hannah + Nick’s wedding at Fabrica, Brighton

December 2018

Last blog post of the year before next month’s 2018 Top 100, and I thought I’d end it with an absolute cracker - Hannah and Nick’s wedding at Fabrica, in Brighton! Well before the wedding day I could tell this was gonna be a bit special, which could be due to the little hints Nick was giving me, telling me how they were going to give their ‘idos’ on the bandstand on the seafront at midday, before heading off to Fabrica via a balloon procession along the promenade, with a quick smoke bomb pit stop. When someone paints a picture like this, it’s hard not to get excited and already start imagining the pictures that are gonna be taken. But then Nick managed to up the ante on the day with a few surprises, like chalking the pavements on our way to the bandstand with messages just for Hannah. The big softy! It was so cool to see how much thought went into everything, with Fabrica (a complete DIY venue in the heart of Brighton) looking completely pimped out, and there was even time for Nick’s old band Circuits to re-form for a one night only gig of their mega-international hits because Hannah never got to see them play live!

But you know, I must have said this so many times before - all the details, as lovely and photogenic as they are, ultimately don’t really matter. I’ve been photographing weddings for almost a decade and the ones that really stick out in my mind are when the people, the connections, and the overall love really shone through on the day. And I have to say that will be my enduring memory of Hannah + Nick’s; a real love story from start to finish.

A humongous thank you to Steven Carter Hewson, who joined me on the day and was an absolute legend throughout. And guys, if you’re reading this, thanks again so much for inviting us to join you - we absolutely loved EVERY MINUTE of it, and when we’re next down in Brighton a reunion drink is seriously needed!

‘‘Finally, the blubbing has stopped and I’ve finally managed to summon up some words that express the inexpressible! “HOLY SH!T.” Mate - what an incredible set of photos. From the bottom of our collective heart, thank you. They are beautifully observed and captured. They are stunning, romantic and candid. We absolutely adore them. In fact, we beyond adore them. They left both of us jaw on the floor and not a dry eye in the house. I’ve still got the bruises from where Hannah squeezed my hand too hard. Honestly, we can’t thank you enough.’’
Nick + Hannah
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Awesome stuff Mr K, so many great shots. Boomski!

Martin 17 December 2018

Top work Kristian - really enjoyed looking at these especially the super busy frames. Looks like an ace venue too!

Jordanna Marston 18 December 2018

Chaos and colour….love it Dude, totally kept me scrolling!!!!

Matt Parry 18 December 2018

Love your natural style some wonderful images

David Wilkins 26 December 2018
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