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Gibson Hall Wedding

Gibson Hall Wedding

Judith + Tal’s Gibson Hall Wedding, London

May 2013

After my succession of countryside weddings, I back into London for a Gibson Hall wedding in the heart of the city for Judith and Tal's Jewish Orthodox wedding. I've done Jewish wedding photography before, but the rituals differ during an Orthodox ceremony, and I found these differences really added to the atmosphere of the day. There was more singing involved, and of course there was the Jewish dancing.

Tal pre-warned me that it would be unlike anything I'd experienced before, and this wasn't hyperbole - if anything he didn't provide me with enough of a warning. Relentless, frenetic, and at times, plain bizarre (!) it was an incredible experience, and one which I hope to have again in the future. I was completely shattered by the end of the night, which signalled a very good day indeed, with plenty of moments needing to be captured.

‘Oh my word… Your photos quite literally took my breathe away and brought tears to my eyes. ’
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