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Great Fosters Wedding

Great Fosters Wedding

...and my thoughts on moving to Fuji

July 2017

I’ve been a Nikon man since the start of my photography days. As I child I remember seeing an advert and wanting to be just like the guy that featured in it - handsome, big smile, with a lovely Nikon camera in his hand. As an adult I thankfully managed to hit one of those benchmarks, and I couldn’t have been happier.

Once in the photography world, and with my shiny new Nikon by my side, I was initiated into that most famous of photography debates - the Nikon / Canon Face-Off. It was a battle I never really understood - both were DSLR’s, both big and somewhat bulky, both competing for the greater amount of megapixels and higher ISO range. They were essentially identical cameras so it would have taken something extraordinary to turn my head.

And then something extraordinary did happen: a camera came out that managed to bring the fun back into my photography. I thought I was already having loads of fun, but clearly I wasn't! I can’t tell you how much more enjoyable it is to do a 10 hour photography stint with a camera - in this instance the Fuji X-T2 - that is significantly smaller, lighter and quieter than what I’d been using for years. It was a change I initially feared - as a Nikon man I’ve had years of doing things a certain way, and of knowing how to approach a situation with a camera I felt completely comfortable and in sync with.

But those ‘positives’ can quite easily become negatives. Auto-pilot can cause a creative malaise, and it’s important to innovate and mix things up every now and again - I didn’t truly appreciate this until I moved to Fuji. I can’t tell you how weird that feels to say, as I could never see how changing camera system could change the way you shoot and approach a situation (mainly because the alternative camera system, i.e. Canon, was so similar to what I’d been using for years!). But it has, and I definitely feel liberated as a result.

I just want to touch base on this quickly, otherwise I’m sure I’ll be sounded out as a massive Fuji Fan Boy, but having a viewfinder that is completely electronic is just a massive game-changer for me. To *instantly* see what the exposure and aperture depth of field is in camera, is just incomparable to what I’ve been used to. There are negatives of course - notably battery life and image quality at higher ISOs - but for raw documentary photography, this is as good as it gets at the minute, though I have been hearing amazing things about the Sony a9.

So I thought I’d share a wedding where I shot completely on the Fuji X-T2 for the duration of it. The following all took place at Natalie + Ben’s wedding at Great Fosters, in Surrey. Despite being an absolutely gorgeous, high-flying couple, they manage to remain refreshingly ego-free and completely down-to-earth. We had an engagement shoot a few months before, and I got to hear all about how they met, notably in primary school (!) and how a chance meeting brought them back together years later. I’ve got to say how amazing it was to see their faces as they gave their vows - there was a real ‘we’re actually doing this!’ about it all, and I couldn't have been happier for them.

‘‘As I said to you when you were leaving, you were so wonderful and unobtrusive all day - which is the highest compliment I can pay you as a wedding photographer.’’
Natalie + Ben
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I hope you enjoyed the post, and for a bit of a behind the scenes on 10 of these images, head over to the Fuji blog where I wrote my 10 Tips to Capture Natural Wedding Pictures article.


Epic photos and wedding. Really interesting to see everyone jumping ship to the Fuji’s. Feel I should see what the fuss is about!

dan 11 July 2017

Photo’s look great, out of interest what lenses do you use at a wedding using the X-T2?

Paul 11 July 2017

Great to hear that the switch to Fuji has been so positive.  I’ve been on the edge of moving over to Fuji (from Canon) and now with the dual-card slots on the XT-2 and all the positive vibes from wedding photographers it’s probably only a matter of time.

The real truth is in the photos and I must say you’ve really pulled it off.  A gorgeous set of fantastic moments full of fun, emotion and tenderness.  Big thumbs up Kristian!

Graham Warrellow 17 July 2017

Quality work Kristian.

Liam Shaw 18 July 2017

Inspirational work! Really cool work! :)

Nav Badel 1 August 2017

Awesome images

Weddinglounge 5 August 2017

Great pictures as always. You’ve captured the mood beautifully here…

Tracey 6 August 2017

Amazing shots. Could you tell me which fuji lenses you used for this wedding? Thanks

alie campbell 18 October 2018
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