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Elmore Court Wedding

Elmore Court Wedding

Jes + Jig’s Elmore Court Indian Wedding, Gloucestershire

June 2015

Back at the start of the year, when the days were shorter, and the temperature noticeably cooler, myself and my fellow Myanmar compadre Matt Tyler crossed the country to take on what was to become an action packed Indian wedding over in cheerful Gloucester. The day, broken up into two parts – one part being the Hindu Indian wedding ceremony, the other a civil ceremony at Elmore Court – all kicked off at that more than respectable time of 8am to a beating of drums and a dancing of dancing folk.

The ceremony itself was, well, a lot of fun (!), something I was reminded of when going through the pictures for the post – lots of cheekiness, laughter, and general merriment was had, which is great credit to Jes and Jig’s family and friends, but also to the priest who took the time to explain a lot of what was going on in English (something veterans of Indian weddings said was unheard of) and was prepared to have a right old laugh with the exceptionally lovely couple.

The second part of the day/evening at the beautiful Elmore Court was a complete contrast to the first, but no less special, and a fitting end to an incredible day.

NB: A special mention to me main man Matt for helping me out on the day and keeping me awake on the drive back home, and also to Ben Foster, of Foster Filming, who was an absolute dude, and a pleasure to have around – if you’re looking for videography skills at your wedding, he’s your guy.

‘We have turned into that annoying couple who can’t stop showing people our wedding photos because we are so proud that we made the right decision to go with you!’
Jes + Jig
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