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Big Sur Wedding

Big Sur Wedding

Laura + Pope’s wedding along the Big Sur, California

December 2016

It was the Year 2000 when I first met Laura at Reading University. Not only were we Freshers in the same student halls, but we also happened to reside on the same corridor, no less. Unlike a lot of the new Freshers, Laura took a gap-year, so she was suitably (and visibly!) unimpressed by all the raging 18 year olds getting smashed away from home for the first time. I liked this about her.

We became good friends, and, along with some very close buddies, ended up sharing a house together - the infamous Blenheim Road posse. Not a single argument all year, a collective obsession with Big Brother 3 (the year of Jade Goody, Kate Lawler, and Spencer) and an end of year party to end all end of year parties. Good times :)

Post-Uni shenanigans ensued, until the day came when Laura introduced Popey into our lives. He was a silver haired fox even then, and it was clear that this guy was a bit different to any other. His exotic Kiwi-twang must have helped, but their shared love of all things 80s probably played a big part as well…!

So to the wedding day, which was held in a villa on the incomparable, Big Sur. It was my first time to that part of the world, and I was just blown away by the awesomeness of that coast line - it must surely be up there with the Amalfi. Not that you’d have noticed it on the day of the wedding!! Every day leading up to the wedding (and every day thereafter) was as clear as you like. However a blanket of super thick fog engulfed the whole area, giving it a slightly mystical feel. To be fair it actually made for some incredibly atmospheric pictures, which you’ll see below, and didn’t detract from the day in the slightest. Plus we had a pretty good sunset session the next day…

‘‘All of our guests have commented on how stunning the photos are and were in awe of your talent & professionalism (including the camera slinging straps)! Thank you for being part of our special day and capturing it so fantastically and thank you for being so so brilliant at what you do.’’
Laura + Pope
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Awesome photos Kristian! The fog transformed it into a really mystical place. Great to see the same location with the Californian sun too.

Martin Makowski 12 December 2016

wow, absolutely amazing!

Voyteck 14 December 2016

So much joy in these photos they are beautiful.

Peter 16 December 2016

Great work, these are epic.

Mark Charlton 20 December 2016

Great work. Love the fact that you got to do more photos on the next day with better weather which turned out magical.

Rachel ~ Key West 29 December 2016

Really captures every precious moments of the wedding. It really shows how passionate you are as a photographer.

Allure 20 January 2017

Outstanding photography, such beautiful use of light.

Tommy 6 February 2018

Wow this is outstanding! Congratulations on this amazing work!

Carine Oliveira 18 March 2018
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