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Hotel Endsleigh Wedding

Hotel Endsleigh Wedding

Ellie + Phil’s intimate wedding at Hotel Endsleigh, Devon

August 2017

There really is something very special about photographing smaller, more intimate weddings. For starters you get to know *everyone*, and in turn they really get to know me. I personally love that element to it, as I’m able to get in even closer than usual which results in images that are that bit more intimate and honest. That was most definitely the case when I went down to Devon for Ellie + Phil’s wedding at Hotel Endsleigh back in June…

All in all there were 25 of us in the hotel, completely made up of family, with everyone arriving late afternoon the day before the wedding. We chilled out, had some drinks and tucked into a BBQ whilst I got to know the people I was going to photograph the next day. It was at this point, whilst talking to Phil’s mum, I was reminded that Phil’s dad was none other than Dennis Hylander, a legend in wedding photography circles, who even has a wedding photography award named after him. No pressure then.

The wedding day was pretty much a continuation of the day before - super relaxed, with tonnes of hugs and belly laughs for good measure. Whilst there's no doubt that Hotel Endsleigh is an amazing wedding venue, it was the awesome vibes of the family that filled it, and the connections they had with one another that elevated Ellie + Phil's wedding to the next level. And I have to say I grew very close to everyone in that relatively short space of time, leaving on first-name terms, and left wishing I'd get an opportunity to see them again. Here's hoping.

‘‘Kristian we are truly blown away by your photos. We never dreamed it would be possible to capture the day with such sensitivity, tenderness, poetry and precision. They are thoroughly magical. For once I am actually lost for words, but once I have recovered from the sublime experience offered by your beautifully crafted slideshow, I will turn my attentions to bigging you up on every online platform available! A thousand thank yous - we feel very lucky to have shared the day with you.’’
Ellie + Phil
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Smashed it again Kristian! You can definitely see you built up rapport with the guests at this wedding, shows in the images :)

Ian Jeffery 15 August 2017

Awesome set! Well done mate! I love the grass playing shot :)

Martin Makowski 16 August 2017

Stunning photographs - a beautiful wedding beautifully captured! A real privilege to have worked with you.

Amanda Randell 19 August 2017

This is so beautiful. Love it. It looks like so much fun from the beginning. Great work.

Clare Tam-Im 22 August 2017

So lovely to see these photos, such a wonderful couple.  I helped E&P plan their London wedding party and they were raving how great you were x

Andri 23 August 2017

Incredible set Kristian! Every shot is incredible!

Dan Ward 24 August 2017

Such an amazing emotion in your photographs!

Thanks for sharing!

Fotograf Nunta Brasov 18 September 2017

Killer dude!! so much feeling!! =)

craig williams 19 September 2017

Amazing pictures. Great work!

Fotograf 17 November 2017

Gorgeous pictures. I love the color grading you put in to them. Nice postures, they look so relaxed!

Fotografii botez 21 January 2018

I love how much emotion are in these photos! Gorgeous photos!

erin 29 January 2018

Wow, again! Such beautiful work and emotion captured. Truly inspirational stuff.

Tracey 21 March 2018
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