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Anran Wedding

Anran Wedding

Laura + Alan’s wedding at Anran, Devon

March 2018

With so many categorised storms happening over this Winter period, it’s hard to remember one of the one's that started them all off: Storm Brian. Brian was like a temperamental teenager - prone to lengthy outpourings of emotion, with moments of sunshine, before returning to his moody self again - proof of which you’ll find in the pictures below, including the most bonkers ceremony (weather-wise) I've experienced (yes, that is rain you're seeing inside the ceremony room..!).

But to be honest the crazy weather added to the day, and thankfully Laura and Alan took Brian in their stride, refusing to allow him to rain too much on their parade. And what a parade it was, all taking place at the beautifully scenic Anran in Devon, a wedding venue that was seriously on point and really gave off the zen-like vibes [having a buddha in the room and encouraging the guests to drink during the ceremony may or may not have helped create zen-like vibes].

It was an absolute corker of a day, with so many different elements to it - thanks so much again to Laura + Alan for having me along for the ride!

Now, onwards!

‘‘I am so obsessed, can’t stop looking at them, seem to get a new favourite every week.’’
Laura + Alan
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Boom! Smashed it. I love the light, contrast and framing. Yeah, and the rain in Ceremony room :) Not long for me to go Fuji now. Can’t longer resist.

Martin Makowski 26 March 2018

Lots of harsh light there, but beautifully handled to create so many emotive images (despite the rain!)

David Weightman 27 March 2018

absolutely gorgeous work - I love your use of light! beautiful shots.

suzanne fossey 27 March 2018

Can’t get enough of these, so happy they are mine x

laura jolly yan 27 March 2018

Great work as always mate! Flipping love how you have made the rain work for you.

craig williams 3 April 2018

Got to be honest. Big fan of the grooms suit. Photos aren’t half bad either :P

Jeremy Wong 3 April 2018

Fantastic, your use of light and shade is spot on!

Duncan Kerridge 3 April 2018

Fab work as usual. Gorgeous light and sharp contrasty images.

Steve Brill 10 April 2018

Lovely stuff sir. Certainly making the most of a good wet and dark British wedding.

Mark Wallis 18 April 2018

Love the story telling in these images!

Crooze Photography Aruba 21 April 2018

Wow, what a light!! Perfect! x

Carine 2 May 2018
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