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DIY Garden Wedding

DIY Garden Wedding

Bryony + Matt’s DIY Garden Wedding, Buckinghamshire

August 2015

The year was 2013. The month: August. I was in a central London seafood restaurant Matt was managing at the time. He was a busy guy so I agreed to meet him and his fiance Bryony at the restaurant. We chatted, we laughed, we ate oysters. And we got on so well they asked if I would photograph their DIY garden wedding in Buckinghamshire the following year on the grounds of Matt’s parents home. There would be hay bales, an oyster bar (of course..), cocktails, and much frivolity. I couldn’t *wait*.

And then….

And then.

And then Bryony fell pregnant of course! Which meant I had to wait *another* year before I could have the pleasure of their company again. And that’s the funny thing – just that one face to face meeting was all we had two years ago, and yet on the day I could’ve sworn we’d known each other for years. Which I think has much more to do with Matt + Bry’s supremely lovely, outgoing nature, than any doing on my part!

So the day proved to be everything I had expected, and much more. There was the impromptu dance floor action before the first course was even served, the amazingly decorated marquee, and oodles of emotion and affection from all involved. Awesome.

‘OH …. MY ….. GOD ….. I am blown away!!! Can not believe how incredible they are. Thank you thank you!!! Wow!!’
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