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Amalfi Coast Wedding

Amalfi Coast Wedding

Abigail + Deividas’ wedding along the Amalfi Coast, Italy

October 2016

As I've mentioned previously it was my love of travelling that got me into photography in the first place. The exploration and the sense of adventure has pushed me to visit a lot of countries over the years, and having a camera in my hand gave me that passport to explore the lives and cultures of the people I've met along the way.

This has definitely followed me into my wedding photography. I’ve never been a photographer that has wanted to shoot at the same venue week after week, or even wanted to be the ‘local’ photographer. I love the unfamiliar, and I love the chance to get away from it all and go someplace different for a while, whether that’s in the UK or somewhere abroad.

Which brings me to Abigail and Deividas’ wedding on the Amalfi Coast. It's been a dream of mine to visit that part of the world, so there was serious joy when I found out I would get to fulfil that dream and document such an intimate wedding.

Just 26 guests.

In a private casa in Praiano.

On a cliff-side.

It really was magical. The ceremony was later on in the day to combat the extreme heat (though we were still feeling it at 5pm and beyond!), and there was a real mix of American and Lithuanian traditions as you'll see in the post (including the carry-the-new-wife-across-the-incredibly-long-bridge-tradition!).

A special mention must go to Abigail and Deividas, and all the family and friends who weren’t just amazing on the wedding day itself, but also on our day out together the next day. I truly appreciated you welcoming me in to that extent, and hopefully one day we'll get to see each other again.

‘We saw this last night but we were too busy crying, watching it a million times, and sharing it with everyone we know that we didn’t have time to write you back. It’s amazing and you’re amazing, so many natural beautiful photographs that tell a story. Each time I watch the video I find a new favorite, there’s more to look at or notice. And you reminded me of so many sweet moments during the day that I had forgotten about!!’
Abigail + Devidas
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Stunning work. So many great moments captured here. You have made this wedding look great.

Mark Pool 3 November 2016

Lovely stuff! Now I want to shoot a wedding in Italy too :)

Chip Radoslavov 28 November 2016

So very beautiful and wonderful memories for a lifetime.

Kathryn 7 December 2016

Very nice pictures!

Fotobox mieten Wien 13 December 2016

Stunning work. These are epic.

Mark Edin 29 December 2016

Awesome set! The moments early on by the cliffs are perfect for storytelling. Love the sunbathing/sleeping one with the boat travelling in the background :)

Che Birch-Hayes 22 April 2017
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