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Chateau Rigaud Wedding

Chateau Rigaud Wedding

Nina + Ben’s wedding at the Chateau Rigaud, Bordeaux

December 2015

Many things can lay claim to being a bit special. In no particular order, but I'd say lie-ins, hot showers, putting the fire on, and photographing a Chateau Rigaud wedding in the South of France would come pretty high up on the list! And so it was at the end of August, that I travelled beyond our shores to the southern reaches of France for Nina and Ben's wedding day at the Chateau Rigaud, near the scenic town of St Emilion.

Now I've been at weddings where the attention to detail has been high - but I have to hand it to Nina, she took it to a whole new level! She really, REALLY knows how to style a wedding, and everything was just pure class, from all the outfits, to all the small touches. They also wanted to have a day that entwined their combined heritages of German, French, Moroccan and Indian, and so there was a Moroccan belly-dance, some Bollywood moves, a German Waltz in the evening, and a beautiful French ceremony in front of the big tree on the grounds of the Chateau during the day. But as you know you can have the most beautifully styled wedding, and some carefully thought-out plans, but it's all for nought if the atmosphere, fun, love and emotion aren't out in force. In this case, they were all out in abundance.

Also a special mention to Tuan, from Ping Pang Films, who shot the video alongside me - if you're planning a Chateau Rigaud wedding, or any other French wedding for that matter, then definitely give him a look in.

‘We don’t even know what to say! I have just shared them with the bridesmaids and groomsmen, and everybody’s calling you an artist, a magician, and simply pure talent!’
Nina + Ben
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Every single image is amazing! WOW!

Victori Christophe 4 March 2016

I just came across your website. I’m absolutely amazed. This wedding is so beautiful.

Monika Wojcik 11 April 2016

Must have been a dream to shoot there, the light in all those rooms is fantastic and you have captured it perfectly.

Carl Glancey 15 April 2016

Wow! The evening portraits are just beautiful!

Gary 20 April 2016

beautiful photos

Really stellar work, love the golden light portraits at the end.

Jonas Karlsson 29 June 2016

Stunning photography!

Nick English 23 October 2017
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