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The Slaughters Manor House Wedding

The Slaughters Manor House Wedding

Anna + Richard’s wedding at Slaughters Manor House, Gloucestershire

May 2018

Been a while since my last post, so before I go into today's wedding photography at The Slaughters Manor House, I thought I'd indulge in a quick round-up. So first things first, the big one! Seriously honoured to have had four images selected for the finals of the International Street Photography Awards for the second year running, and will be exhibited at StreetFoto San Francisco at the Harvey Milk Center between the 4-10 June. But, as cool as that is, it's the fact that three of the images were shot on a wedding day which makes it even more special. It's been my ethos for a long time now that the pictures I take on a wedding day have got to translate out of the 'wedding world' and be appreciated for what they are - hopefully great, timeless pictures in their own right. A couple of the images will be known to people in the wedding photography community as they've picked up a few wedding photography awards, but I really wanted to showcase them to a completely different audience and hopefully by doing so help raise the profile of what this new generation of wedding photographers are creating within the confines of a wedding day.

In other news I was chuffed to be placed in GoHen's annual Top 50 Best Wedding Photographers in the UK list, which was a first - not just in making this list but in making any kind of list! So felt weird but cool at the same time. And then there was an interview for Rolling Film's YouTube channel, who are interviewing leading industry photographers about how they started, their philosophy to shooting, and plenty more. If you are gonna delve into it please do yourselves a favour and fast forward through my awkward opening!

So onto today's set of images from Anna and Richard's beautiful wedding at The Slaughters Manor House in Gloucestershire. I took some of my favourite pictures of the year on the day, owing partly to how gorgeous the couple are, but also because I felt completely free to do what I love doing - capturing quirky, emotive, and original moments. I remember Anna saying on the morning of the wedding how much she loved my Instagram account and the moments I see, and she couldn't see how I could find those kind of moments at her wedding - so hopefully I proved her well and truly wrong!!

Finally watch out for a new sub-feature that will follow every wedding post from now on, going into the contact sheet of one of my favourite images from the day. It'll go live in a couple days and will show how I arrived at the image, how long I spent on it, and provide an insight into what I was thinking whilst shooting it. Bit of a heads up - it's the first image of this post :)

‘‘Kristian, we can’t thank you enough. What incredible images you have captured and looking at them has made all the memories come flooding back. You’ve been amazing. Thank you thank you thank you xxx’’
Anna + Richard
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Awesome work mate can I borrow your eyes sometime? They see everything.  =)

craig williams 11 June 2018

So many great moment, but the shots of both bride and groom reading letters from each other in the morning is a lovely bit of storytelling.

David Weightman 19 June 2018

It seems there’s lots to congratulate you on! Unsurprisingly. Another fab set of images (what’s that little girl up to at the front of the church!) Adore the shot of the groom reading the card. I felt that in my heart. Great work as always xxx

suzanne fossey 2 July 2018
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