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Clock Barn Wedding

Clock Barn Wedding

Anna + Luke’s wedding at the Clock Barn, Hampshire

February 2017

Sometimes you never get a chance to meet the couple before the Big Day. It’s not through want of trying, but with Stag Doos, Hen Doos, last minute wedding planning, and the small matter of being on the other side of the country, can all contribute to a lack of meet up time.

To be honest it’s not a biggie. All I really need to know is the schedule for the day and all the addresses, and I’m there! My approach is all about naturally documenting the events around me, without interfering and getting involved, so getting to know each other well before the day is not as vital to me as it is may be to some.

And so this was the case with Anna + Luke and their wedding at the Clock Barn in Hampshire. I’m not even sure we managed a Skype call before the day, and if we did it was a very quick one with Anna as I had no idea what Luke even looked like…Or that he had the driest sense of humour that had me a tad flustered when I first met him..!!

I left them at the end of an emotional day really wishing we had gotten to know each other more though. I can’t help but really resonate with couples who wear their heart on their sleeves, and there was a lot of that, as you'll see from the pictures. Such lovely, lovely people, and I can’t wait to see them again at wedding later this year at Lara + Nick's wedding.

‘‘I did so well not to cry at the wedding but these have got me! They are just awesome, thank you so much.’’
Anna + Luke
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Fabulous work as always Kristian! You’ve captured so many beautiful and funny moments, really enjoyed looking at these :)

Ian Jeffery 15 February 2017

Such an incredible day! These are still amazing and give me goosebumps - thanks again Kristian and look forward to catching up in August!

Luke 16 February 2017

What an awesome set of photos. Really love your work

Ramesh Pari 16 February 2017

Such a great blog, never commented before but thought it was about time I did, great work! Keep it up and keep inspiring! :)

Nick Labrum 4 May 2017
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