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Best of…2017

My Top 100 moments of the year!

January 2018

There are times when I can sit here before writing a blog post, and it’s like a stream of consciousness onto the screen, where the words flow easily, and I'm all done by the time I've taken my last sip of coffee. It's safe to say today is not one of those days.

I must have written, and re-written this blog post an innumerable amount of times, and whilst a part of it can be attributed to the post-Christmas mind lull I'm in, a huge factor is certainly because 2017 was unlike any year I've had before. I like to think we all have a defining time in our lives (or hopefully a number of them), and photographically speaking, this year has definitely felt like the one where so much has come together.

For the past few years a pre-wedding season ritual of mine has been to travel somewhere exotic for a couple of weeks so I can photograph something completely different for a decent period of time. It's my opportunity to try new things out, explore, and to see what I create away from the constricted bounds of a wedding. This year it was Colombia, and the reception to the images took me massively by surprise, with a number of them being shortlisted and exhibited at high-profile street photography festivals around the world, as well as being shortlisted in the Travel Photographer of the Year award.

It’s also the year I changed camera system for the first time since I started photography, a change I never could have imagined would have such a positive effect. Being able to manoeuvre the camera in ways I couldn't with the bulky, heavy Nikon, meant I was able to compose dramatically different images, which brought back a lot of the fun and excitement for me. As a result I was asked by Fuji to guest blog a post on 10 Tips to Capture Natural Wedding Photographs.

And it’s been amazing to get recognition from within the wedding industry, in a photographic style that I appreciate is quite unconventional. The highlight was without question being named Best Wedding Photographer in London and the South East by The Wedding Industry Awards, and I’ll remember that night of celebrations with my fellow wedding photographer mates for a very long time.

Finally many thanks to Matthew Long and Lucy Turnbull for second shooting with me this year, and a big thank you to all the awesome couples who invited me along for the day - I think we got some great photos together, a very small handful of which are shown below...

‘‘Kristian we are truly blown away by your photos. We never dreamed it would be possible to capture the day with such sensitivity, tenderness, poetry and precision. They are thoroughly magical. For once I am actually lost for words, but once I have recovered from the sublime experience offered by your beautifully crafted slideshow, I will turn my attentions to bigging you up on every online platform available! A thousand thank yous - we feel very lucky to have shared the day with you.’’
Ellie + Phil
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My first wedding photography workshop will be happening in early 2018, where I'll be delving into the contact sheets of some of the above images, so please do register your interest to be the first to know the finalised details. The one-day workshop will be a complete breakdown of my style and business, and the full details will be sent out once all is confirmed.

That's all for now and many thanks for taking the time to look through!


Outstanding as always. Love your eye for capturing a moment. Too many faves to mention but the “Lady in Red” shot had me lol. All the best for 2018!

Robert Dodsworth 3 January 2018

SO good! So good man! Moment after moment, layer after layer, emotion after emotion…the things you see, just awesome! That one where the Dad seems to be seeing his daughter in her dress, with a bridesmaid (?) peeking around, just brilliant. It was a real pleasure to see you work in the flesh this year too! Here’s to a fab 2018 man!

Alan Law 4 January 2018

Dude. That’s crazy good. You’ve got a stupendously clever eye!

Adam Johnson 4 January 2018

Absolutely astounding! I love how natural and organic your work is mate, your framing and vision for layers are second to none, bravo dude, bloody bravo!!!!!

Sam Docker 4 January 2018

Brilliance, so much humour and depth. Have a brill 2018 K!

Claudia Rose Carter 4 January 2018

Such a distinctive look and style throughout! I agree with Adam, clever eye indeed! The kid ignoring the camera made me chuckle! Good luck for 2018!

Lee Maxwell 4 January 2018

Amazing work dude. So many moments beautifully captured. Love your Columbia images :)

Rahul 4 January 2018

Stella year dude, think you’ve really benefited from the Fuji switch too! So many crackers, bride with 2 floating hands helping with the veil, dude with HUGE camera taking pics of canapés, and lady watching fireworks being 3 of my favs. Plus all the Colombia stuff, obvs!

Look forward to seeing your 2018 work!!

Adam Riley 4 January 2018

A rollercoaster of amazing moments my man…... you are a trailblazer for that street style working its very welcome way into wedding photography!!! Favourites: Bride with fan about to walk into room with her dad (love the switch on that), Gary Fong uncle Bob and every single frame of those Columbia shots are world bloody class dude! Hope to Catch up soon…big love x

matt parry 5 January 2018

Wow! What an outstanding year you have had! Simply breathtakingly clever captures of some incredible moments. Congratulations for the TWIA award and all the best for 2018!

Robin Goodlad 5 January 2018

Absolute class, raw, real wedding moments throughout this post, it was a super joy to go through and way too many insane frames to mention - Love it man!!

Ridiculously good dude!!


Damian Brandon 7 January 2018

I look at a lot of photographers work.  But yours…well…I feel a sense of awe….jealousy perhaps.  I’m heartened at your feature of Uncle Bob with his fongdong though :)  Thanks for the interlude as well.

Robert Burress 8 January 2018

Dude… you’re one of those proper photographers aren’t you? Docu-gold here my man!! Give yourself several gold stars for the party hat couple and ‘all the gear’ canape Bob.

John Hope 11 January 2018

Wow, what a year you’ve had! Or captured, really! Up close and personal and with that you really drew us in to the emotions and the fun they were having. It’s so interesting to view the scene from your eye. Have a great 2018.

Fiona Pecorini 18 January 2018

Kristian! I honestly can’t get enough of your photos - Columbia is at the top of my list of travels. Looking at these photos just makes me want to get married so I can drag you along for the ride! So pleased to see you are absolutely killing it! Emily

Emily Sharland 26 January 2018

Oh My Gosh! I love your photos! Have a great 2018

erin 29 January 2018

Dude so so good moments galore!

craig williams 29 January 2018

Hi.  This work is fabulous, so many layers of emotions, so much great work.  You’ve captured some amazing moments - my personal favourites are the bride reading the letter, the car following the bag piper and the boys with the sparklers…

Great work.

Damion Mower 29 January 2018

So many fabulous moments! I just love the way you are right there in amongst the action.

Steve Brill 5 February 2018

I love to capture these special moments as well. You did it perfect !

Robert Arenz 9 February 2018

So many superb shots Kristian, where to begin! I love the Harry Potter lookalike distracted by the piece of wood during the ceremony. Uncle Bob photographing the canapés is also priceless!

David Weightman 12 February 2018

Fantastic, love the life in your images!

Duncan Kerridge 6 March 2018

Love your photos Kristian, great style and great work capturing amazing moments. Have a great 2018.

Joss Denham 13 March 2018

This feels like some raw documentary work right here. I can’t really say I’ve seen an approach like this before. A back to back display of unposed emotion all mixed up with some very thoughtful composition and impressive moments of humour. You seem to have a great knack of being in the right place whether intentionally at the right time or not. Albeit we haven’t met, I cannot help but feel these pictures somehow have your own personality bleeding into them. Congrats on somehow seemingly being able to shoot weddings without compromising on your own thing.

Simon Wainwright 19 March 2018

Wow, this is absolutely stunning selections of great photographs and beautiful moments captured in the right place in right time.

Jay Kowalik 25 March 2018

Lots of amazing photos. Hard to choose the one! Great job!

Kamil 9 April 2018

what an amazing set of images! so hard to find just one fave. but i can’t keep the one of the bride and groom at the end of the pier out of my mind. gorgeous work!

suzanne fossey 24 April 2018

Wow, how is it I’m just discovering these now. Thanks for sharing! Hope your 2018 was amazing so far.

Lisa 11 September 2018

Love the emotions in these photographs!  Everything is so perfectly captured! Congrats!

Mihai Medves 18 November 2018
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