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Best of…2015

Best of…2015

A look back at some of my favourite moments from the year

February 2016

Where do I start with the year I've been looking forward to since the age of 8. Probably from the moment I finished watching Back to the Future Part 2, when I got a blank piece of paper and some coloured pencils, and started to compose a letter where I imagined what my life would be like in that far distant time of 2015...I reasoned that I would be an adult, with children of my own, and a 'serious' job - that must have meant some kind of office job. I also managed to draw a picture of what I'd look like at 33 (the mis-proportioned face had a beard with small eyes and a big smile), before sealing it in an envelope 'To be opened on the 21 October 2015', and then hid away to be opened on that very day. Unfortunately, I couldn't wait that long and opened it a week later...

My life today is very different to the one I imagined as a young boy, and something I couldn't have imagined ten years ago, let alone 25. My wedding photography has enabled me to continue my love of travelling as I was incredibly fortunate to photograph weddings in Israel, Austria and France, whilst also finding time to continue my passion for street and travel photography with trips to Myanmar (Burma), New York and Berlin.

2016 will see me travel equally as much with weddings set for Italy, Austria (again), and then the Big Sur in California. I'll also be heading to Cuba with the Myanmen boys in March, and then plans are afoot for Barcelona with the 8Street crew in October. I thought last year would take some beating, but this one is shaping up just as nicely!

A really big thank you to every couple who invited me to spend the day with them on the biggest day of their life last year - 'twas amazing! You really made me feel very welcomed and the feedback you gave me has been absolutely mind-blowing, seriously. Also a big thanks to Matt Tyler, Stephen Bunn, Michael Jackson and, Richard Paris Wilson for working alongside me at some of the weddings you'll see below.

Now, on with the show!

‘We don’t even know what to say! I have just shared them with the bridesmaids and groomsmen, and everybody’s calling you an artist, a magician, and simply pure talent!’
Nina + Ben, Chateau Rigaud Wedding
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WOW. Insanely good selection here, each one is amazing. Looking at these on my phone and can’t wait to look at them on a bigger screen. Love the girl with the cymbal on her head?! Wishing you a stellar 2016 Kris.

Lyndsey Goddard 11 February 2016

What a set of images K-man. Love the storytelling and I can definitely see the street photography influence in your wedding work. Site looks the nuts too.

Adam Riley 11 February 2016

Absolutely wonderful in every way!

Tobiah Tayo 11 February 2016

Hi Kristian,  loving the site! :)  Excellent retrospective to! :)

Jason Noblett 12 February 2016

Wow! Great photos. You captured lots of amazing moments! Also street photographs are very good! Well done!

Patryk 12 February 2016

Beautiful, tender work, my friend. You have such an eye for the moment, and such an empathetic way of capturing it. Magic.

Alan 13 February 2016

Bloody Nora mate, a stunning round up! I was hooked from the first to last frame fella, amazing work. I love how you see things!

Sam Docker 18 February 2016

Absolutely stunning! You really captured the moments! Great work xx

Lanty 19 February 2016

Great collection of very diverse photographs. Great moments and images captured for ever. Fab work.

Mark Edin 26 February 2016

You’ve truly had an amazing year, stellar work!

Jonas Karlsson 29 February 2016

Lovely collection, Your work is truly inspiring

Ashish 2 March 2016

Stunning body of work!

David Burke 11 March 2016

Awesome photography man :)

Blavou Photography 15 March 2016


Martin Makowski 22 April 2016

Awesome work, seems like you had a really good year!!! Thanks for sharing!

Chip Radoslavov 2 July 2016

Wonderful work!

Two Hearts Photography 26 July 2016
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