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We Are Married

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December 2015

The Cutting of the Cake - one of those old tradition's, which, along with the First Kiss and the First Dance, has become a staple part of the day. Now whilst the other two can offer many more creative opportunities, and elicit far more because of the emotion involved, the Cutting of the Cake is usually, well, two people cutting a cake....

But something very different happened last month at Rhiannon and Theo's wedding in the Andaz Hotel, in London. I was capturing different vantage points of the cake cutting - a shot from the side, a shot of the guests looking on, and then something I haven't seen in over 100 weddings started happening. I knew it was something special as I was photographing it, but it was only during the editing that I appreciated it for what it was - one of the most beautifully open moments I've come across at a wedding; a moment when all masks were dropped and one simple realisation was made:

We are married.

‘Everything came together in the end and we couldn’t be happier with the results. We would absolutely recommend you to any other couple looking for a wedding photographer without a second thought.’
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You could feel and see the love in this wedding. It was just absolutely beautiful and an honour to be part of their special day xx

Sonia 21 October 2016
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