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Warehouse Wedding

Warehouse Wedding

Gem + Mike’s wedding at Brixton East, London

August 2018

Like Gem + Mike’s amazing testimonial, I have no idea where to begin with their warehouse wedding at Brixton East, in London. Perhaps how incredibly loveable and generous Gem + Mike were? Or the comedian monk who conducted the ceremony?? Or possibly the drag DJ?! At any rate, it’s safe to say the day had so much for me to get stuck into, and was such fun to capture and be a part of. Most couples want me there for a couple hours before the ceremony until just after the First Dance, but Gem said she’d prefer more pictures of everyone having a great time on the dance floor, rather than tonnes of pictures of her having her make-up done. And I’m so glad she made that choice as the dance floor went absolutely mental at the end!! The whole time I was there I was thinking how much gold I was getting, but more than that it was just great fun to be around a group of seriously lovely people, all being conducted wonderfully by the amazing drag DJ.

It was not only my first time photographing a ceremony that was beautifully back-lit by the low winter sun, but also photographing at the amazing Brixton East (recently voted one of the Top 40 warehouse venues IN THE WORLD). Sadly, it will be the last time, as the decision was made to sell up and close, which is gutting as there really was a great vibe to the place. I would've loved to have headed back there, but at least I get to work with the awesome Dita Rosted, (who planned the day) again very soon on what sounds like another killer wedding. Stay tuned for that :)

‘‘Kristian…... Not quite sure how we can thank you enough…. Where to start! Suffice to say we have watched the highlights show several times (with tears) and have already been through the photos a few times as well! These are simply so beautiful, so fun and tell such a story of our day, that they will last a lifetime. Literally, Mike and I have no idea where to start narrowing down to the ones we want printed, but we will aim to work on that! I only hope you continue to win award after award for recognition of how truly talented you are, and for the incredible emotions you manage to capture in every image. Thank you so much for everything :)’’
Gem + Mike
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Bloody awesome dude. You never fail to stun me with your magical eye.

Tony 13 August 2018

Love your beautiful and honest storytelling Kristian. You captured so many emotions there, must have been an amazing wedding!

Blue Lily Weddings 16 August 2018

Yes, Kristian! There’s definietly a unique point of view that you see here and not in other’s work.

Lee 28 September 2018

Your eye for compositions that make and tell a story are amazing!

J. Stud Studio 17 November 2018
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