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Walcot Hall Wedding

Walcot Hall Wedding

Katy + Matt’s wedding at Walcot Hall, Shropshire

November 2017

I was with Katy + Matt for just over 10 hours on their wedding day at Walcot Hall, but it was one of those where I would’ve gladly stayed for another 5 (if not more) given the chance. It was just exactly the kind of wedding I’d have loved to have been a guest at - lovely outdoor ceremony, very relaxed vibe, great atmosphere, TABLE TENNIS, and a surprise 10-piece brass band that got everyone going in the evening - who would've thought Seven Nation Army would sound so good in brass?! There was also a little matter of an after-party by the lake that I wasn't around for but which probably went on until the sun came up - for any friends reading this please follow the above formula at your wedding and I shall love you unconditionally until the end of time.

This wedding also managed to stir up another Fearless Award (my third of the year), with the limbo image near the end of the post - an image I *definitely* wouldn’t have got with my old Nikon. Being able to shoot so freely in live-view on the Fuji has certainly contributed to a much more dynamic array of compositions this year, and long may it continue.

Now on with the images...

‘‘Things have been a bit busy over the last week but we managed to have a proper look at the photos on the train up to Edinburgh on Monday…and we LOVE them!’’
Matt + Katy
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What a great set, Kristian! Loving the framing and close up nature to it all. That shot photo is ace, person on the left looking like an absolute pro moving onto the bottle!

Lee Maxwell 2 November 2017

Even better the second time around :)  Such great shots.

Matt 6 November 2017

A beautiful post Kristian, full of fun and emotion in equal measure!

Robin Goodlad 13 November 2017

Very nice pictures Kristian! Keep up the good work!

Fotograf Nunta 20 November 2017

So many fantastic little sequences of images Kristian, and stories within single images, so clever!

David Weightman 10 April 2018
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