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Austria Wedding

Austria Wedding

Veronika + Aleksandar’s wedding in Vienna, Austria

May 2017

Not many people know this, but my brother and I are England’s sole representatives in my family. My mum’s side of the family are from the land of Mozart, Freud, and Arnie, and it was there where we would spend most of our school holiday’s growing up - me speaking in my English t’wanged German, my brother looking to impress with his ‘forward-looking’ English fashion (think 90s shell-suits).

When I was 11 my little cousin, Veronika, came into the world. My brother and I had always wanted a sister, and now we finally (kind-of) had one. As she got older we’d not want to disappoint her, and would spend most the day running around indoors playing hide and seek (to the great annoyance of my Grandma, as we’d thunder around on the floor above her), and card games which Veronika had to win otherwise there'd be all the tears.

As the years rolled on, Veronika discovered boys, and my brother and I took our responsibility as ‘older brothers’ seriously, as we vetted and gave our (often incredibly accurate) opinions on them. And I’m not gonna mince my words - there were a couple of complete mugs. But then came a guy who not only treated my cousin with respect, but who was completely devoted to her, and who restored her faith in men everywhere. Aleksandar was definitely the one.

Their wedding, as you could imagine, got quite emotional. Lets just say I was glad I could shield my tearful face behind my camera when I saw Veronika in her wedding dress for the first time, and my Uncle (a man known for being a man of very few words) had the whole room during his father-of-the-bride speech - it still manages to get me when I think about it. Weddings do wonderful things, like uniting us all for one day - seeing my Aunt and Uncle hugging, laughing and dancing together like they used to before their separation was something I’ll never forget, and hopefully won’t be the last time I see.

So here's a little snapshot of the day my cousin got married...

‘‘Die Fotos sind ein Wahnsinn!!!!!! Jedes einzelne ein Traum!!!! Danke danke danke xxx’’
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Absolutely amazing images.
Love the emotion in the photographs.

Thanks for sharing.

Fotograf Nunta 30 May 2017

Beautiful colors in these photos. Interesting wedding pictures!

Fotobox mieten Wien 3 July 2017

Great pictures, I love the quality and the vision. What a memorable wedding!

Mac Moore 19 October 2017

Very nice pictures! Great job!

Nunta Fotograf 17 November 2017
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