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Tipi Wedding

Tipi Wedding

Fiona + Tim’s Tipi Wedding at Cadhay House, Devon

October 2014

I have Fiona & Tim to thank for engraining the ‘Baywatch’ theme tune in my head for days following their Tipi wedding at Cadhay House, in Devon. That’s what happens when you have a First Dance song that gets EVERYONE erupting onto the dance floor, hugging each other and bouncing up and down with index fingers pointing in the air, whilst belting out that chorus (altogether now! – “I’llll be reaaaady…”). But that just sums up Fiona & Tim – such a fun, easy-going couple, who don’t take themselves too seriously, and up for everyone getting involved.

It was 16 years ago (16!!) when I first met Tim’s brother, and Best Man for the day, Dan at college. We both got into photography around the same time, and when I was asked about photographing Tim’s wedding, I knew it would be something special. The decision to head to Devon (both Fiona & Tim are London-based), and make a wedding weekend of it at Cadhay was inspired, and the whole day was incredibly relaxed, with a beautiful outdoor ceremony near the lake. Throw in a Tipi, some marshmallow roasting, an unlimited supply of champagne, and some serious tunes, and I’d say everyone quite enjoyed themselves…

‘Bloody brilliant!’
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