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Kentwell Hall Barn Wedding

Kentwell Hall Barn Wedding

Jess + Niall’s wedding at Kentwell Hall Barn, Suffolk

July 2018

Dear Kristian,

I wanted to wait until I had the time to properly draft this email, as I haven't been able to find the words to thank you enough.

Our photos are incredible, we love every single shot. We have cried many times and I've shared the slide show with my family who are absolutely enamoured with them too. My boss Greg, who teaches a really highly respected A-Level course in photography, was able to tell me exactly why all your photos are so impressive, too! I love the way you handle reflections and switching so adeptly between depths of field is awesome.. you captured so many moments that I would have missed otherwise and we are all so, so grateful. Having you there on the day put us all at ease and you fit right in to every setting effortlessly- it felt like you were one of the family!

Niall and I are going back to my mum's today for the first time since the wedding, and I anticipate going through the photos again with much excitement!

Thank you thank you thank you. I'll be writing glowing reviews for you. Hope you're well and enjoying your weekend wherever you may be in the world!

Best regards

I've never started a post with such a blatant pat on the back, but receiving messages like this from Jess, and from her other half Niall (to the right or below on mobiles + tablets), really sum up best why I do what I do. If the truth be told I always get a little anxious when I send the gallery off to a couple - have I met their expectations? Or their family and friends? Did I do enough? And then I remind myself I did my absolute best, I couldn't have given anymore, and that it's fine if not everyone loves the pictures because everyone has different tastes. Having said that, I can't tell you how much it means to know that something you created means so much to someone. I've said in the past that not many things surpass that feeling, and it's a real motivator for me on a wedding day to continue to create work that is different, unique and emotive, and (hopefully) continues to blow couples away.

So after that rather indulgent opening, I present the very lovely Jess + Niall's rustic wedding at Kentwell Hall Barn in Suffolk! A super creative couple who planned the most relaxed and chilled out day for everyone, with a fire-pit, hay-bales, and Jess' sister's band supplying the music in the evening. Hope you enjoy :)

Finally I'm not planning on doing a contact sheet blog post for this one, but if there is a particular picture you would like a breakdown of just contact me and I'll see what I can do.

‘My God sir. I’m absolutely astonished by your photos of our wedding. Just beautiful. I managed about 10 seconds into the highlight video before crying like a baby. You tell a wonderful story. I was transported back to our wonderful day, and completely immersed instantly. What a magical feeling! You captured all of my and Jess’s emotions throughout the whole day. And the atmosphere we worked so hard to create. Nothing short of perfect. I can’t tell you how happy, and moved I am by your wonderful hard work. I’m not sure we’ll ever manage to convey our thanks adequately. You were such a kind, welcome and important presence on our day. I’m so happy we chose you as our photographer. I sincerely hope to see you again, and will feel very lucky when I do’
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Awesome work dude!

Martin Makowski 19 July 2018

Kristian… this wedding is lit! Love the emotions and power at the reception.

Bart 19 July 2018

Amazing storytelling sir, just amazing!

Blue Lily Weddings 16 August 2018

Wonderful set, some wonderful moments there.

Pure Photo N.I 14 November 2018
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