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Best of…2016

Best of…2016

Top 100 moments of the year!

January 2017

After scouring through the many thousands of pictures I took in 2016, I decided to change it up for this year’s Best Of and go for a Top 100. I can’t tell you how hard it was to get it down, but ultimately I wanted to show what I love about wedding photography, what excites me, and what I strive for on a wedding day - without tonnes of repetition!

I've also thrown in a bit of my street photography, with images from my trips to Cuba and Barcelona with the 8Street Collective.

So these are the split-second, heartfelt, weird, wonderful, natural and beautiful moments that inspired me in 2016.

A big thanks to Martin Makowski for helping me at Kavita + James’ wedding (a blog post of which will be coming soon), and a special thanks to every couple who invited me to spend the day with them - I really can’t thank you enough for instilling your trust in me and my vision, and I hope to be seeing you all again very soon!!

‘‘I also thought you may like to know that my Dad, who’s always been into his photography, will not shut up about you and spent about 30 mins last week telling me all about your street photography and things he’s seen on your blog…so I think you’ve won a new fan…!’’
Anna + Luke
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Top drawer stuff as always Kristian ;)

Paul Ward 23 January 2017

great set Kristian, your street photography is so good!

Voyteck 24 January 2017

Fantastic end of year round up, Kris. Lots of humour and well seen moments. A very well chosen top 100! Here’s to an equally brilliant 2017.

Lyndsey Goddard 24 January 2017

A melange of stunning photos. So atmospheric. Super excited for you to photograph our wedding in June & hopefully we make it in this years top 100 ;-)

Julia Rogers 24 January 2017

Quite a few amazing photographs :) Lovely collection mate!

Ata Adnan 24 January 2017

Fantastic set as always, lots and lots of emotion in these man!

dan ward 25 January 2017

Awesome work Kristian! Well chosen images to showcase your skill! Also, thanks for the mention:)

All the best for 2017

Martin Makowski 26 January 2017

Superlicious, my friend; tender, beautiful, and awesome observational skills. You da man!

Alan 26 January 2017

Stellar work as always Kristian. Youre a great inspiration.

Jonas Karlsson 26 January 2017

Awesome work Kristian, lovely photos.

reportaż ślubny warszawa 27 January 2017

100 killer shots dude, all real moments! That shot with the guy getting ready framed by the skyline is awesome!

Adam Riley 28 January 2017

Amazing work. Looks like you had an incredible year!

Clare Tam-Im 31 January 2017

Stunning photography - both the wedding and the street stuff!  So many wonderful moments captured in an amazing way.  The shot of the bride on the bouncy castle is priceless.

Annelie Eddy 31 January 2017

Stunning and love your style…

Jo 7 February 2017

Some outstanding little moments - love your eye for a shot Kris! Class work throughout!

Rob Dodsworth 15 March 2017

Fantastic stuff mate. Layers, light, story, it’s all there. Here’s to more 8 Street adventures too.

Matthew Long 9 May 2017

That top image is awesome!! Great stuff!!

Mike Savory 13 February 2018

Beautiful as always, very emotive. I love looking at your work, very inspiring :)

Tracey 22 March 2018
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