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Town Hall Hotel Wedding

Town Hall Hotel Wedding

Laura + Andrew’s wedding at the Town Hall Hotel, London

May 2016

So it's about time I get a 2016 wedding up on the blog, and it just had to be Laura + Andrew's Town Hall Hotel wedding to kick it all off. Leading up to the day I couldn't help but feel super excited. Why? Well, since you asked...Not only did they book the ceremony at the Town Hall Hotel (such a unique and stunning venue), but also the reception was going to be held at the Hawksmoor (one of those venues that has such a good rep, they really know how to look after you) and booked videographer extraordinaire Mark Brown (who flew in from LA, no less!) to shoot the Super 8mm film - can't wait to see that - with the cherry on top being the Wedding Smashers on the decks. Now I've heard really good things about them in the past from other photographers who said they absolutely [insert oftly used pun] it. And they did! I didn't want to leave! But a big part of that came down to how much everyone was up for totally letting loose and having a great time.

Which brings me to the couple themselves, who managed to organise such an amazing party for everyone. But after meeting Laura and Andrew, and spending a bit of time with them, that didn't surprise me at all - they're just seriously lovely, friendly, and out-going people, and I truly hope to see them both again at some point in the future.

‘We’ve watched the slideshow twice now. The first time we were both in tears. The second time we were able to control ourselves more. Slightly.’
Andrew + Laura
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Lovely work as always man; beautiful observations. Lavley stuff!

Al 26 May 2016

stellar work, those people knew how to party too! :)

Jonas Karlsson 14 June 2016

Beautiful images as always!

Crooze Photography Aruba 13 February 2017
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