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The Grand Brighton Wedding

The Grand Brighton Wedding

Danielle + Gideon’s Jewish wedding at The Grand Brighton

March 2017

There are Jewish weddings, and then there are big Jewish weddings. And then there's Danielle and Gideon’s wedding!! These guys seriously knew what it would take to turn the party up to 11, and boy, did they ever...from the seaside setting at The Grand Brighton, to a band that had me completely enthralled all night, it was such an immense day and night to be a part of.

And as anyone who has photographed a Jewish wedding, or been to one will testify, the dancing part gets, well, a little crazy…and always wanting my photos to be as immersive as possible I do find myself very much in the thick of it! Whereas some of the guests can take a breather, I aim to be in the heart of it for as long as possible, and honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way. I seriously LOVE that part of the day - the energy from everyone is incredible, and whilst I'd probably need to have a break from doing that *every* week, it's good fun to do every now and again. As a wedding photographer, I think it's so important to step away from doing the same thing week in, week out, which is why I've never really wanted to categorise my photography or become a specific venue wedding photographer - instead it's refreshing to be a part of something a little different once in a while, which helps to keep the job interesting.

Now onto the pictures, and a big thank you to Stephen Bunn who accompanied me on this outing, and was loving the partying as much as me! And a special mention to Atmotion for their epic videography skills, and to Creation for bringing the party!

‘‘Thanks so much for being our Photographer on our special day. You truly were a joy to be with and so many of our family were raving about you!! We were also so happy that you got stuck in and genuinely seemed to be having a fantastic time partying with our guests!!!! We hope you enjoyed the night!’’
Danielle + Gideon
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Cracking work fellas!

Steve Fuller 13 March 2017

Your work is stunning. Looks like this was such a fun wedding! Beautifully captured.

Clare Tam-Im 21 April 2017

Stunning photos! Great work!

Heather 1 September 2017
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