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Ranger’s House Wedding

Ranger’s House Wedding

Cass + Maurice Ranger’s House Wedding, London

July 2013

This is little known knowledge, but in my younger days I worked at a Special Educational Needs school in Charlton, South-East London, as a Learning Support Assistant, helping to teach children with autism. It was a physically, mentally, and emotionally draining job, but the kids were amazing, and I still have fond memories and continued respect for the teachers and support staff that work with these children day in day out.

It was whilst working at the school that I met Cass & Maurice. In fact, Maurice was the one who showed me around on my first day and helped me to learn the ropes. After about a year or so Maurice went on to begin his teacher training and it was around this point that I was thinking of going down the same route. In the end, I opted to follow my passion and become a photographer but we’ve kept in touch, and it was a beautiful moment when he told me he proposed to Cass, and an equally wonderful moment when he asked whether I would take the pictures.

The wedding was typical Cass & Maurice fare – uber relaxed, no bells and whistles, a simple, stunning location for the ceremony, which was held at Ranger’s House in Greenwich, followed by a picnic reception in the park, with cricket and frizbee’s and perfect sunshine.

Such a great day.

‘My wife’s been in tears for the last 20 minutes. We love the photos. You’re amazing! Thank you so much!!!!’
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