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Great Brickhill Wedding

Great Brickhill Wedding

Carrie + Dom’s wedding in Great Brickhill, Buckinghamshire

February 2017

A few years ago my brother moved to Italy. The South of Italy to be exact, to the Basilicata region. A region that some consider not to be as au fait with foreigners as the more cosmopolitan North. His aim was to teach English, and upon getting his name out there, he was told that there was in fact an English lady pretty much doing the same thing in one of the other villages nearby…

Carrie, as she was called, hadn’t planned to move to Italy. She was working in a club in Florence on her gap year to learn Italian, when this dark, handsome Italian man gave her his number and being a little intrigued, she decided to call him a few days later. That was a number of years ago, and since that fortuitous meeting, Carrie and Dom have made an idyllic life for themselves in the mountainous southern region. After meeting Dom I could see why Carrie was so taken with him - as well as being a lovely guy, he’s also one of those men that is annoyingly good at anything practical. Need your roof fixing? Electrics done?? Plumbing sorted??? This man can do it, and if he can’t he’ll just spend a few hours on YouTube learning it until he can..!

Their wedding took place on a gorgeously sunny day in Great Brickhill, Buckinghamshire, and had a nice subtle mix of English and Italian traditions. Plus there was a guest appearance by one of my past Groom’s! After setting up an oyster bar at his wedding, Matt decided to set up his own company, The Oyster Men, which went down rather well as you’ll see from the pictures.

‘‘When I was going through the photos I realised I was ‘favourite’ing them all! Thank you soooo much Kristian, they’re lovely.’’
Carrie + Dom
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So many great images here dude, love the hand in the kids face, and the end dance floor shot with the shoe :-)

Adam Riley 8 March 2017

Hi Kristian
Just looking through your latest post as it’s been a while since I’ve visited. I’m very impressed by the natural and honest look to your images theses days. Really great look. You’re really making the ‘no flash’ dance floor work so well, it’s just got a great colour palette too. Just wanted to say ‘good job’.

Bob Owen 8 March 2017

Fab wedding photographs. Some fantastic moments captured here. Black and whites are amazing.

Mark Pool 11 March 2017
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