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Caswell House Wedding

Caswell House Wedding

Jo + Mark’s wedding at Caswell House, Cotswolds

July 2016

A Caswell House wedding for you today, and one where FUN was the absolute first priority..! But before I go into details, a slight deviation....

It was many years ago when I first met Jo. It was on my very first travelling excursion (over ten years ago now!), when I spent six months travelling through SE Asia and Australasia, and our paths first crossed in Fiji. My abiding memories of that part of the trip, and of all the times we randomly met up, are one of constant laughter, and heartfelt moments. In fact, I have to say if it wasn't for Jo, I'm not sure if I would've pursued photography as a hobby, let alone as a career, as she was such an encouraging figure whenever I showed her my images. So it was an absolute given that I was going to photograph her wedding when the right man came along...and thankfully, Mark did!

They settled on Caswell House, and their wedding was just so much fun to be a part of, and they absolutely nailed it in terms of entertaining everyone. They had tonnes of great garden games; Richard, the magic man; an ice-cream trike and sweet stall, because, you know, sugar; and at the heart of it was an amazing couple. For me the image of Mark when he turns back after seeing Jo for the first time down the aisle sums up not just the magnitude of getting married, but also that special feeling when you know you've found the one and only person for you.

Here are some personal highlights of the day...

‘These are epic! Some truly amazing pics in here, absolutely top drawer thank you so much for capturing just how amazing I remember the day being.’
Mark + Jo
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Great photos Kristian!

Martin 13 July 2016

Such awesome, emotive work man. Your observational and timing skills are off the charts! Aceness.

Al 27 July 2016

Wow! Awesome photos and beautiful storytelling! I was searching the worldwide web for some inspirational ideas on wedding photography and stumbled upon your images. Very impressive, love it! I need to follow you to learn more. Thank you for sharing and keep up with the beautiful craft!

Serge ~ Prinsz Photography 13 September 2016

Wow, amazing pictures… :) Congratulations.

Barbara 31 January 2017
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